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Working With Karissa

When working with Karissa you can either do private sessions that are run at your own pace or join Food Rehab - the 8 week intensive program.

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Food Rehab - Intensive Online Program

Who is the program for?

This program has been designed specifically for women who's eating is spiralling out of control. Diet's aren't working like they used to, your weight is creeping up and up and you're absolutely desperate! You've lost trust around so many foods you cant keep chocolate in the house and you can't stop thinking about the cheese board when you're at a party. You feel obsessed with food and like you're barely keeping a lid on your eating.

If you've been promising yourself tomorrow will be different for years and years yet your eating is getting worse and worse...

Then my girl, this program is for YOU.

This 8 week program is rooted in education. If you are anything like me you don't like doing things without understanding WHY. This program will explain HOW you got yourself into this situation, teach you HOW to get out of it and WHAT you need to do to sustain the results for a lifetime. The program is updated every single cycle based on the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and nutrition. It will challenge old and outdated beliefs and leave you educated and skilled beyond the 8 weeks of the program.

BUT. Knowledge alone isn't really power...

This is where the 360 support comes in. Each week you will have private and group sessions with me as well as constant communication with me all day, everyday. Yes, you read that correctly. You will be required to check in with me for a minimum of once per day and I will be available all day, everyday, 7 days a week. This program has been designed so that you can not fail. The inability to act consistently is why the majority fail. 

Now what?

Due to the intensity of the program - it won't be appropriate for everyone. I make big promises in this program and I can not keep them if you are not truly ready to do the work required. There is nothing on this program that I haven't personally battled myself and I for one, can vouch for the level of commitment required. If you do this program exactly as it is designed you will completely transform your relationship with yourself, food, your body and how you eat, in ways you have never imagined!

So if you are ready and willing to give this your absolute everything - click on the button below to book your Free Curiosity Call with me and discover if this program is suitable for you!

PLEASE NOTE: due to extended wait times for program availability I must stress that if you are struggling with an Eating Disorder that you do not delay in seeking professional help elsehwere if it is available to you now.

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Private Consultation

These sessions are designed for women who want to move at their own pace without the intensity of the 8 week program. Your first session will be an initial set up call that includes a written program and plan for future sessions.

Working With Karissa: Services
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