Who is Karissa?

Karissa is an Eating Behaviour Specialist who works with women from all over the world. Her unique skill set is a combination of university degree's (Nutrition Science, Neuroscience + Psychology), 15 years as a weight loss specialist and her own decade long battle with eating disorders.

"I know what it's like to be desperate. To be equal parts obsessed with food and desperate to lose weight all at the same time. I think that's why I'm so effective - I know what its like, and I know what it takes to get back in control. I'm not reading off a map - I paved the path - I know exactly where they will get stuck and what they need to get through it."

Karissa Colledge

BSc Nutrition Science 

Msc Psychology + Neuroscience

Member of Nutrition Society Australia


Working With Karissa

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Private sessions
Currently Fully Booked until 2024

Since COVID-19 these sessions are now run exclusively over zoom and are available to you from all over the world.

Food Rehab 24/7 Program
Currently fully booked until 2024

Keep an eye out for the self paced version of this program to be released Dec 1st 2022.


Katie Lehane
Age: 23
Occupation: Chemical Engineer

My eating behaviours are linked to a limiting belief that I need to be thin to find love. When I figured this out it just blew my mind and sounded so ridiculous, but I didn’t realise because of the long pathway between those two things. Biggest win so far? Just the fuck it attitude I’m developing towards food - I ate half a bar of chocolate yesterday and just felt totally indifferent.
What do I like most? The fact that it’s simple - it’s only one hour per week and a few tools and things to implement but it makes suchhh a difference.