Food Rehab
8 Week Online Program

Are you sick of feeling like food controls you?

This 8 week program gives you the tools to take the control back over food. Sticking to a diet is so simple - so why is it so hard?! This program is built in the foundations of psychology, neuroscience and nutrition. Results come from consistent behaviour thats driven by a consistent mindset. 

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Working With Karissa...

Here we put you back in control of your food choices and eating behaviours - giving you the power to create a body you love that will last forever.

With an undergraduate degree in Nutrition Science, a dual Masters in Neuroscience/Psychology and 15+ years in the health and fitness industry - Karissa truly is an expert in her field.

Karissa also spent half her life battling an eating disorder, giving her a professional advantage in being able to understand first hand what it's like for the women she works with and exactly what is needed to overcome unwanted eating behaviours. 

Karissa Colledge

BSc Nutrition Science 

Msc Psychology + Neuroscience


My eating behaviours are linked to a limiting belief that I need to be thin to find love. When I figured this out it just blew my mind and sounded so ridiculous, but I didn’t realise because of the long pathway between those two things. Biggest win so far? Just the fuck it attitude I’m developing towards food - I ate half a bar of chocolate yesterday and just felt totally indifferent.
What do I like most? The fact that it’s simple - it’s only one hour per week and a few tools and things to implement but it makes suchhh a difference.

Katie Lehane
Age: 23
Occupation: Chemical Engineer

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